Interactive Theater

Looking for an engaging, high impact way to deepen your team’s awareness of Diversity, Inclusion, and Unconscious Bias?

IBIS’s Interactive Theater approach brings to life stories from your organization–based on data from your workplace, and performed by our troupe of professional actors. Actors stay in character after each scene to answer learners’ questions, revealing the impact our actions can have on others.  IBIS’s expert facilitators guide learners safely and candidly on an exploration of their reactions, perceptions, and assumptions, giving them insight into others’ perspectives. Learners leave with simple, practical plans for how to increase equity, diversity, and inclusiveness in your organization. Interactive Theater is more than fun –it’s a learning experience that sticks.

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IBIS’s Innovative Theater-Based DEI Training Highlighted in Harvard Business Review



Our expert IBIS consultants will work with your team to establish learning objectives that fit your D&I strategic goals. Through Interactive Theater, your organization will have:

  • A shared understanding of the D&I and Unconscious Bias issues addressed
  • Increased accountability for workplace behavior
  • Best practices, strategies and skills that can be applied immediately
  • Greater levels of mutual trust and respect
  • A heightened commitment to your organizational D&I strategy



“I really thought the actors’ presence, and bringing those biases to life, was really phenomenal."

Erika Hopkins, Global Talent Management, Staples