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IBIS Unconscious Bias Series

Agile. Innovative. Collaborative. IBIS Consulting Group offers a wide range of creative options for advancing Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and mitigating Unconscious Bias. Since 1987, IBIS has used a collaborative, results-oriented approach to guide hundreds of organizations through successful workplace diversity initiatives, improving individual and organizational performance by leveraging the potential of D&I. A recognized leader in the field of D&I consulting, assessments, and trainings, IBIS has clients in all sectors and sizes, from Fortune 100 companies to innovative start-ups to university systems. Our cutting-edge e-learning and classroom-based solutions have provided D&I training to more than a half-a-million employees across the globe. Our consulting approach is customized to each client’s unique culture and objectives, and our Unconscious Bias e-learning series has been recognized for excellence with an Omni Intermedia Award.  IBIS is certified as a woman and minority owned business.

Vision, Mission and Values


Achieving equity and opportunity through the power of Diversity and Inclusion


Pioneering creative and bold DEI solutions to help organizations build inclusive environments and address systemic disparities


We, individually and as a company, are committed to:

Collaboration — Meeting everyone where they are along their DEI journey

Accountability — Holding ourselves and others accountable for inclusive action

Equity, Access and Opportunity — Advocating for marginalized communities

Innovation — Designing new ways to engage individuals and organizations

Platinum Rule — Treating others as they would like to be treated


From Fortune 100 companies to large university systems, our clients all share a common goal: to develop a diverse, inclusive workforce high in productivity, self-awareness, and cross-cultural competence. To meet that goal, IBIS delivers results-oriented, sustainable diversity initiatives in modes ranging from consultation to assessments, from interactive theater to facilitated training to e-learning. We are attuned to each client’s needs: we stay current on global market trends, delve deep into their industry context, align our approach with their cultures and strategic initiatives, and develop state-of-the-art, creative solutions to help them achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

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