Our collaborative, experienced and results-oriented internal team of Diversity and Inclusion consultants partner closely with clients to drive organizational outcomes related to workplace diversity. In addition, a team of skilled facilitators is available to provide support during the delivery process of our inclusion solutions.

Enin Rudel

Enin holds a PsyD in Organizational and Leadership Psychology with a focus on Neuropsychology, and an MSW in Clinical Social Work. In his work as an organizational psychologist, he has overseen efforts to meet objectives in human resources, strategic growth, and staff development, across for- and non-profit systems. As a psychotherapist, he has provided treatment to individuals, couples, and groups, in a broad range of settings including hospitals, community-based organizations, and private group practice.

Throughout his career, he has sought to better understand the human condition and the factors that hinder executive functioning in the context of organizational systems. This has inspired him to serve as teaching faculty in the fields of Organizational Leadership Psychology and Clinical Social Work.

As a practitioner, Enin’s approach is rooted in emotional intelligence as he fuses clinical theory with organizational development frameworks. His research focuses on the intersection of leadership, emotional intelligence, diversity, and organizational social architecture.

Enin is a member of Boston Facilitator’s Roundtable and the American Psychological Association.