Our collaborative, experienced and results-oriented internal team of Diversity and Inclusion consultants partner closely with clients to drive organizational outcomes related to workplace diversity. In addition, a team of skilled facilitators is available to provide support during the delivery process of our inclusion solutions.

Dr. Valerie Myers

Valerie L. Myers is an Organizational Psychologist who translates research into practical business solutions. Valerie teaches Inclusive Leadership at the University of Michigan, in the Ross School of Business’s MBA program (15 years). She’s also facilitated executive education at Dartmouth College, Simmons College, AVT Institute (Copenhagen), and for emerging leaders from Fortune 500 companies. Valerie has published diversity management insights in academic journals, books, and practitioner publications. Her current DE&I work focuses on two themes: inclusive leader behaviors that enhance access, relationships, and organizational performance; and religious diversity in business and society.

Prior to academia, Valerie’s early work for BASF Corporation, in management, marketing, and product development, provided invaluable lessons about the challenges and benefits of global diversity. Client work with General Motors, Ford Motor, various Japanese automakers, and diverse professionals (e.g., design, engineering, and manufacturing) strengthened Valerie’s agility to work across boundaries. Further, Valerie’s own ‘different’ perspective added tangible value — a revolutionary, cost-saving, industry innovation. Valerie leverages her business experience to serve as a trusted advisor to leaders across industries (e.g., healthcare, finance, engineering, manufacturing, arts, non-profit, higher education, and government), helping leaders manage diversity crises, formulate inclusive strategies, and refine professional skills. Recently, Valerie served as the inaugural Equity and Social Transformation Fellow of the African American Credit Union Coalition, cultivating inclusive leadership practices in the financial sector. These uncommon experiences inspire Valerie to advance an interdisciplinary, multi-level approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion; she wants to inspire in others to do the same.

Valerie L. Myers, PhD. earned her Dual Doctoral Degree in Organizational Psychology and Social Policy from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, where she also earned Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.