We offer a breadth of training options with a wide range of variables: topic, methodology, format, content, style, degree of customization, size of learner group, learning goals, learners’ roles in the organization, amount of time, and more. From modified customization to brand new bespoke content and structure, IBIS has the experience and expertise to meet your D&I learning needs.

When we deliver diversity and inclusion training, we make sure it’s relevant and relatable. We start by talking with the client’s planning team, gathering data about where the organization is in their D&I development to make sure our training meets them where they’re at and focuses on the benefits of workplace diversity.

Build something new? Tweak an existing offering? Roll out a topic with different learning objectives for different levels of the organization? Reformat from classroom delivery to webinar format? We can do all of that.

We offer Diversity & Inclusion programs on a wide range of topics.

Here are a few titles from our repertoire:

  • Racial Equity
  • Global Diversity & Inclusion
  • Hidden Obstacles: Addressing Conscious and Unconscious Biases
  • Diversity & Inclusion: A Business Imperative
  • The Compelling Business Case: Turning Leaders into Diversity Champions
  • The Inclusive Team
  • Every Day Inclusion: Moving from Bystander to Ally
  • From Generation to Generation: Bridging the Age Gap
  • HR as Strategic Diversity Partners
  • Mentoring, Advocacy, and Sponsorship: Three Key Strategies for Advancement
  • Microinequities
  • Optimizing Opportunities for People with Disabilities
  • Three Critical Inflection Points: Recruitment and Hiring, Performance Feedback, and Career Development
  • Working Effectively Across Cultures: Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Sexual Harassment Training

"The Ibis team has extensive diversity education/consulting experience and knowledge to partner effectively with us and to customize a training tool that fits our specific organizational needs. They are true professionals...patient, focused and willing to meet us where we are in the change process."

Gwen Houston GM, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Microsoft