Unconscious Bias

omni-awards-silver-badgeIBIS Consulting Group is proud to offer four inventive, ready-for-use e-learning programs, packed with information and stimulating interactivities. Available singly or as a set, these fast-paced programs provide insight into hidden biases, and deliver effective, actionable solutions for leaders, managers, recruiters and employees in organizations across all industries and locations.

Unconscious Bias Topic 1:

Introduction to Unconscious Bias

What is Unconscious Bias? How does it develop? And what does it look like when it shows up in your workplace? Program 1, designed for learners at all organizational levels, answers these questions and more through stories, scenarios, brain games, and facts about today’s global work environment. Leaders, managers, frontline workers—everyone in your organization—will learn specific techniques and strategies for recognizing and overcoming Unconscious Bias.

Audience: All members of the organization.
Length: 20-30 minutes

Unconscious Bias Topic 2:

Recruiting and Hiring

Where is Unconscious Bias hiding in your job postings? How is it sneaking into your resume screening? What are the ways it’s sabotaging your candidate interviews? Program 2—developed for recruiters, human resource professionals, and hiring managers—zeroes in on Unconscious Bias in recruitment and hiring, and shows learners what they can do to reduce and eliminate 3 key biases in the hiring process.

Audience: Leaders, recruiters and hiring managers
Length: 20-30 minutes

Unconscious Bias Topic 3:

Career Development and Performance Feedback

What makes your playing field not exactly level? Designed for Managers and Supervisors, Program 3 highlights some of the most common—and most harmful—biases that can undermine performance feedback and career development. The three scenarios get to the heart of how Unconscious Bias can interfere with Managers’ best intentions, the efforts of your employees, and the success of your organization. Learners will come away with skills and strategies for building workplaces that flourish.

Audience: Leaders, managers and HR professionals
Length: 20-30 minutes

Unconscious Bias Topic 4:


How is Unconscious Bias corrupting the culture of your organization? How is it negatively impacting everyday interactions in your workplace? the dynamics in your teams? the communications between employees in different locations? Program 4, created for learners at all levels of your organization, reveals the subtle—and not so subtle—ways Unconscious Bias can seep into a situation, creep into a culture, and keep your people from feeling- and being respected and valued. And it shows what they can do to stop Unconscious Bias in its tracks.

Audience: Leaders, team members, and individual contributors
Length: 20-30 minutes

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