Racial Equity

In response to multiple instances of public racial discrimination, IBIS has created resources to help organizations lead with empathy on police brutality toward Black people in America and to better understand and build racial equity inside the workplace.

IBIS can help. We’re launching a series of coaching, consultation, and facilitation sessions. Our approach helps organizations address racial equity by guiding participants to both speak up and actively listen with empathy. We help our clients build allyship skills, address systemic disparities, and become advocates of those in marginalized positions. We also aim to bring a clear focus to accountability, because we know that just facing racism doesn’t actually stop it: Action is imperative.

First, we created a resource on how to write a CEO statement in response to the protest. If you need help developing a leadership message, please check out our “Speaking Up: Pushing Past Silence for Black Employees.” 

Second, we also created aAllyship in Action series to help organizations cultivate active internal dialogue on racial equity in partnership with IBIS.We want to help employees process current events, express their feelings and facilitate a dialogue on both their role and the organization’s role in enabling change that results in racial equity. To learn more about our Allyship in Action Series click here.

We are proud to offer these resources to organizations that may be looking for ways to maintain their commitment to diversity education. We would be honored to partner with those who are ready to continue this conversation.  

"As a result of the multi-year consultation provided by Ibis, we experienced a huge internal shift in terms of awareness of employees around diversity and inclusion. Their wise and strategic guidance resulted in a significant increase in organizational support and commitment, and by openly recognizing our internal diversity, I believe we may have seen gains in the area of retention as well."

Tasha Kitty, Senior HR Program Consultant, Sun Life Financial