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Building a Microlearning Toolkit for Managers

At IBIS, we’ve found that middle managers want and need more information about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI), but lack two key resources required to make meaningful change: Time and Tools.

The need becomes so great that DEI progress is hard to see, no matter how much focus leaders bring to the challenge.

Training is usually part of the prescription, along with the rework of structure and policy required for lasting culture change. When Chief Diversity Officers and leaders offer traditional training, however, they don’t always see the change in behavior that inclusion demands. The way learners absorb and retain information is rapidly changing.

That’s why IBIS is preparing to create microlearning trainings with just-in-time delivery, anywhere, right when learners need it.

About to head into a candidate job interview? Take the 2-minute training on “Conducting Behavioral and Competency-Based Interviews.”

Writing a job description? Click on “Writing Job Descriptions Without Bias.”

In addition to the benefits of DEI education that is available as needed, the curriculum behind microlearnings aligns to the concept of “spaced learning.”

What is spaced learning, you might ask? Nothing to do with space (or spacing out!). In fact, it’s all about allowing time to pass between individual learning sessions on a particular topic. In between repeated exposure to new information, opportunities to apply the concepts abound, and the reinforcement of ideas—combined with action—can begin to impact behavior.

The new microlearning series currently simmering on the IBIS stove top promises to be an innovative offering that provides learners with the insights and tools they need, when they need it, on any device. Through bite-sized content that moves beyond diversity awareness to skill development and immediate application, learners are equipped to mitigate bias in an organization in ongoing, systematic way.

It’s a new approach to training based on our Interactive Organizational Framework.

Sample topics will include:

  • How Does Diversity Drive Success in Product Development?
  • Creating an Effective Diversity Council
  • Embedding DEI in Communications
  • Giving Feedback Across Demographic Differences

Writer Cedar Pruitt is a senior diversity consultant at IBIS, specializing in inclusive leadership and culture at organizations ranging from start-up companies to competitive universities.