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Working Effectively with Emerging Markets: China

This video is the third in a four-part series on global diversity produced by Ibis, a diversity & inclusion consulting firm with over 24 years experience. The first video, providing an overview for this topic, can be found here.

China, “a place to be,” can pose myriad issues for those who don’t take the time to understand and experience the culture. In China’s hierarchical society, it is important to recognize that decisions are typically reached in a top-down manner, with only the very top of the pyramid involved in decision-making. Establishing trust with Chinese business associate’s takes time, and trying to speed things up may only slow the process down. “Not losing face” is of vital importance in China; it is essential that those in authority be treated with the respect due to them by their organizational status, and not criticized, insulted, or otherwise embarrassed in front of others.