Our skilled facilitators, using compelling curriculum customized to meet client needs, deliver D&I training webinars that reach audiences across the globe.

These real-time conversations are indispensable tools for building awareness and understanding that lead to more engaged and productive teams. Savvy questions, instructive case studies and real situations are discussed in active dialogue that unfolds during every IBIS webinar. Your team will walk away with an understanding of the difference between diversity and inclusion, along with the role they play in fostering workplace diversity.


"Working with ibis was a great experience. You and your team were very understanding of our specific needs, easily accommodating adjustments throughout the final steps in order to help us address internal demands and changes in the business. We were really happy with the final product and the roll-out was a success, achieving a 92% satisfaction rate with our employees."

Kenneth Bentley, VP Community Affairs and Educational Programs, Nestle