Facilitated Training

IBIS offers instructor-led training programs focused on awareness, skill building, and effective management of Diversity and Inclusion and bridging cultural gaps in the workplace.

Customized to meet the priorities of the organization and the roles of the participants, our training programs are highly interactive, fast-paced and thought-provoking. We use a mix of methodologies, including presentation of models and frameworks, case studies, experiential exercises, interactive theater, large and small group dialogue, videos, role plays and skill practice.


We use the model of “head, heart and hands” in designing our trainings.


Cognitive learning. It is crucial that program participants truly understand the business case for diversity, definitions of common terms, and a range of theories and models.


Emotional intelligence. This element includes self-reflection and the development of empathy.


Tools. The development and application of tools, which include skill practice and metrics-based action planning, are part of what makes the outcome of an IBIS partnership so uniquely sustainable.


IBIS developed a unique learning model that illustrates our approach to leveraging diversity and fostering inclusion. We incorporate this F.L.E.X. framework into our D&I consulting and training solutions.

Focus Within

  • Tune into your emotions
  • Recognize how your experience has shaped your perspective
  • Stick to facts, and don’t make assumptions
  • Turn frustration into curiosity

Learn about others

  • Recognize how their experiences have shaped their perspectives
  • Consider how they might see the situation and what is important to them
  • Think about how your actions may have impacted them

Engage in inclusive dialogue

  • Ask open-ended questions
  • Listen to understand, not debate
  • Offer your views without defensiveness or combativeness
  • Disentangle impact from intent
  • Avoid blame, think contribution

"eXpand" your options

Brainstorm possible options

Be flexible about different ways to reach a common goaL

Experiment and evaluate

Seek out diverse perspectives

"Thanks for partnering with us on our diversity efforts. By working together, we were able to successfully integrate existing content into Computer Based Training (CBT) & Instructor-Led Training (ILT) training programs, and you were good at working with multiple stakeholders to meet changing requirements. Many thanks!"

Mel Fortson, SR Manager, Cultural Diversity & Inclusion, Boeing