Our impact is felt across a wide variety of organizations, whether at a multinational company with global ambitions, a university system, or at start-up company aiming to innovate. In all contexts, a partnership with IBIS delivers significant and long-lasting results that create exciting opportunities for growth and change.

"Harvard had a three year contract with IBIS Consulting Group to assist us with organizational development and training. They always provided wise counsel, skilled facilitation, and a deep understanding both of diversity and of the complexities of creating change in a university setting. I recommend them highly."

Joanne Doherty, Director of the Center for Training and Development at Harvard University

"The IBIS team has extensive diversity education/consulting experience and knowledge to partner effectively with us and to customize a training tool that fits our specific organizational needs. They are true professionals...patient, focused and willing to meet us where we are in the change process."

Gwen Houston GM, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Microsoft

"I am a Secretary of Defense Corporate Fellow working with Microsoft this year. I would like to congratulate you on creating the best diversity training program I have experienced... the course did superb job taking the diversity discussion out of the normal race and sex domain and putting it into the larger context of the myriad differences we share as a society. Finally, the course continually linked the importance of diversity and inclusion to the accomplishment of Microsoft's core mission. Thank you."

William Valentine, Lt Col, USAF, Microsoft

"As a result of the multi-year consultation provided by IBIS, we experienced a huge internal shift in terms of awareness of employees around diversity and inclusion. Their wise and strategic guidance resulted in a significant increase in organizational support and commitment, and by openly recognizing our internal diversity, I believe we may have seen gains in the area of retention as well."

Tasha Kitty, Senior HR Program Consultant, Sun Life Financial

"Inclusion and Diversity: A Business Imperative course you helped us develop has been very effective. It has helped us increase employee awareness of the business benefit of inclusion in the workplace. I also appreciate how well you worked with us being customer focused, flexible and delivering great product. Thank you for your partnership in delivering such a great product that is being used in our company."

Mahelet Senbetta, Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity Education, Grainger

"Working with IBIS was a great experience. You and your team were very understanding of our specific needs, easily accommodating adjustments throughout the final steps in order to help us address internal demands and changes in the business. We were really happy with the final product and the roll-out was a success, achieving a 92% satisfaction rate with our employees."

Kenneth Bentley, VP Community Affairs and Educational Programs, Nestle

"Our training team was tasked with rolling out a Diversity and Inclusion eLearning module within a short timeframe. IBIS had phenomenal off-the-shelf content that they helped us customize to our audience and our business. The project was a huge success and we have received many positive comments about the quality of content, delivery and messaging. We appreciate the time they took to understand our needs and over-deliver on all expectations."

Kim Forseille, Talent Management, Capital Power Corporation

As part of McMaster University’s effort to build an inclusive community, Ibis Consulting Group consultants assisted us with all phases of our online university-wide climate survey. The IBIS team was practical, versatile, and reliable, working with us to match their approach to our unique situation here. They worked very efficiently and produced an excellent quality survey much faster than we could have hoped to do ourselves. The sponsors of the survey were pleased with the quality and detail of the information provided by the survey and by IBIS’ analysis of it. The IBIS people were friendly, reliable and efficient and I have really enjoyed working with them on this project.

Mark Walma, Director, Human Rights and Equity Services, McMaster University

I really thought the actors’ presence, and bringing those biases to life, was really phenomenal.

Erika Hopkins, Global Talent Management, Staples

While all phases of our engagement with IBIS so far have been exceptional, we have been especially impressed with the data gathering and analysis aspects. Through interviews, focus groups and a comprehensive survey, IBIS was able to gather a treasure-trove of information. We gained significant insights from the data. This has provided us with an extremely strong foundation from which we can confidently base our decisions to further our Diversity and Inclusion initiative.

John Lewis, Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs and General Counsel, United Nations Federal Credit Union