Allyship in Action

Our most in-depth and customized offering, this series of three facilitated conversations with IBIS facilitators will help craft areas of accountability that can shine a light on visioning lasting change in your organization that helps all employees feel as though they belong. 

We’ll get there by helping employees process current events, express their feelings and facilitate a healthy dialogue on both their role and the organization’s role in enabling change that results in racial equity.

Each 90-minute session will be facilitated virtually with a maximum of 25 participants. Sessions will be 1-2 weeks apart.

We kick off the series of 3 facilitated conversations with Allyship in Action Session 1 – This conversation is mostly a listening and reflection conversation in which participants will be encouraged to express their feelings and emotions related to current events. It is also an opportunity for white employees (and managers/leaders) to hear from any Black colleagues who are interested in sharing their perspectives. 

In Allyship in Action Session 2, we focus the conversation on Allyship and Advocacy around racial equity. Participants will share how they and their organization can demonstrate Allyship and be true advocates for employees from marginalized communities. Examples might include speaking up, bystander intervention, change in policies, broader education initiatives, courageous conversations, and much more. The facilitator will also provide key actions for individuals and organizations to act as allies who are empowered to enact lasting change.

In Allyship in Action Session 3, we drive the conversation toward Accountability. Participants discuss how they will hold each other and the organization accountable for racial equity. How will they measure progress over time? What would progress look like? What metrics can they use? The facilitator will share some best practices and strategies around accountability.

What happens when the series ends?

For organizations looking to do a deeper dive, we offer additional sessions on Racial Equity that cover the following concepts:

  • Racial Consciousness
  • Social Construction of Race and Systemic Racism
  • Power and Privilege
  • Inter- and Intra-racial Dialogue
  • What is Equity compared to Equality?

IBIS also offers the following assets:

  • Talking points around race and current events for managers and leaders
  • Self-Guided Self-Care Plans
  • Race conversation framework
  • Myth busters around race
  • Racial equity lens for leading and decision making
  • Journal prompts for self-reflection
  • Book and media recommendations to facilitate learning
  • FLEX action planning on racial equity

"As a result of the multi-year consultation provided by Ibis, we experienced a huge internal shift in terms of awareness of employees around diversity and inclusion. Their wise and strategic guidance resulted in a significant increase in organizational support and commitment, and by openly recognizing our internal diversity, I believe we may have seen gains in the area of retention as well."

Tasha Kitty, Senior HR Program Consultant, Sun Life Financial