Our collaborative, experienced and results-oriented internal team of Diversity and Inclusion consultants partner closely with clients to drive organizational outcomes related to workplace diversity. In addition, a team of skilled facilitators is available to provide support during the delivery process of our inclusion solutions.

Teja Arboleda

Teja is a Producer at IBIS where he helps create customized D&I eLearning, facilitates interactive theatrical workshops and develops marketing initiatives. He is the founder and president of Entertaining Diversity, Inc. which focuses on diversity and inclusion programming through entertainment. He has performed over 1,300 shows in 48 states, since 1993.

Arboleda is an EMMY Award and five Telly Award documentary and film producer. His early work was as Assistant Director/Editor at Frontline, and his PBS documentaries, such as Crossing The Line: Multiracial Comedians, and Model Minority: Do The Math, have stirred considerable discussions on identity, race and culture in the news including The NY Times, LA Times, USA Today and National Public Radio. His Discovery Education series Diversity Elementary has been a big success in many countries.

Arboleda has a Masters in Education and Digital Media, and as professor, taught courses on race and ethnic relations, communications and filmmaking. He is the author and illustrator of books on multiracial and multicultural identity, including In The Shadow of Race, Mixed Feelings and Jeni So Many.

Arboleda has worked extensively with Departments of Education, school systems, NGO’s, legislators, and testified in front of The Senate on issues of mixed-race and multiracial identity.