IBIS delivers the power of new perspectives, supporting organizations in their cultural transformations. Our dual focus on the individual and the system along with our side-by-side collaboration with our clients distinguishes how we work and our unique solutions.

The IBIS consulting model centers on the needs of our clients, and helps them move from where they are to where they want to be.

Our work is infused with wisdom, insight, respect, curiosity, creativity, compassion, enthusiasm, and last but not least—optimism.

Using a collaborative process centered on client needs, IBIS customizes its assessments to bring to light how Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) in an organization is both acted upon and perceived. Our comprehensive diagnostics enable us to identify systems, behaviors, and attitudes that act as either supports or barriers to D&I. Our assessment processes include interviews, focus groups, surveys, policy reviews, and observation.

The data, when analyzed and presented in our report, give our clients an accurate illustration of the effectiveness of their offerings and practices, and equips them with the qualitative and quantitative information they need to make decisions about their priorities and resource allocation for their D&I efforts. We also provide a complementary communication plan for clients to use in sharing information with their stakeholders.

In our reports, we give our clients pragmatic and considered recommendations for changes and next steps, benchmarking against best practices in peer organizations. Our recommendations for system improvement may include policy revisions and additions, changes to recruitment and hiring protocols, adjustments to career development systems and practices, and enhancements to employee engagement.

As part of McMaster University’s effort to build an inclusive community, Ibis Consulting Group consultants assisted us with all phases of our online university-wide climate survey. The IBIS team was practical, versatile, and reliable, working with us to match their approach to our unique situation here. They worked very efficiently and produced an excellent quality survey much faster than we could have hoped to do ourselves. The sponsors of the survey were pleased with the quality and detail of the information provided by the survey and by Ibis’ analysis of it. The Ibis people were friendly, reliable and efficient and I have really enjoyed working with them on this project.

Mark Walma, Director, Human Rights and Equity Services, McMaster University