Interactive Theater

Our Interactive Theater approach offers an exciting and provocative opportunity for members of your organization to encounter and explore Diversity & Inclusion (D&I).

This approach deepens awareness, engages audience members in productive conversation, communicates organizational initiatives, builds individual skills, transforms organizations, and more. Customized scenarios, based on stories and data from your organization and performed by our company of professional actors, bring to life the complex issues and challenging dynamics that are happening in your workplace. Following each scene, we skillfully facilitate conversations between the audience participants and the actors-in-character, as well as with each other as we explore questions, assumptions, intentions, and impact. This unique methodology engages participants at a level that surpasses any conventional discussion or classroom format. It enables each audience participant to make discoveries about their own unconscious biases and beliefs about how others operate, and opens the door to different ways of interacting.



  • Shared understanding of the D&I issues addressed
  • Increased accountability for workplace behavior
  • Development and acquisition of new D&I strategies and skills that can be applied immediately
  • Greater levels of trust and respect
  • Heightened commitment to organizational D&I strategy



“I really thought the actors’ presence, and bringing those biases to life, was really phenomenal."

Erika Hopkins, Global Talent Management, Staples